South Africa: Punish Xenophobic Violence

The last two weeks have seen xenophobic violent attacks on African foreigners in South Africa. With at least 12 dead and thousands displaced, humanitarian organizations request action against it.

Mugabe’s family agree to burial in national monument – spokesman

After some odds, “the family of former Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe have agreed to bury him at a monument for national heroes in Harare.”

Forced out: Measuring the scale of the conflict in South Sudan

Investigation reveals scale of forced displacement in South Sudan. More than 35,000 random phone numbers to paint an accurate picture of displacement across the entire country.


‘Protecting Our European Way of Life’? Outrage follows new EU role

Immigration policy has been a sensitive issue in the European politics. On Tuesday, the coming president of the EU commission unveiled a controversial new job titled “vice president for protecting our European way of life.”

Bleak future on horizon for European politics

Markar Esayan, a Turkish writer argued that the EU is facing huge challenges. This political and economic union is not only dealing with immigration and racism but also trade and defense issues. According to him, the weakening of EU will not bring any good the world.

Brexit has inspired Europe’s minority parties to shake up the European Union

“We spoke to left and right wing parties, both nativist and internationalist. One thing they all have in common is this: they want change in Europe”

North and Latin America

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

Suspected Israeli surveillance devices were found around the White House, but, according to former and current officials, the Trump administration did not condemn the Israel’s behavior.

The Moral Logic of Humanitarian Intervention

“Samantha Power made a career arguing for America’s ‘responsibility to protect.’ During her years in the White House, it became clear that benevolent motives can have calamitous results.”

‘The situation is dire’: Argentines protest over food crisis

This week, thousands of Argentines took to the streets of the capital Buenos Aires, demanding the government to take action to address a growing economic crisis.


Afghans want peace, but not like this

“Ordinary Afghans felt excluded from the talks and feared an empowered Taliban.”

The Sources of Chinese Conduct

“Are Washington and Beijing fighting a new Cold War?”

Taliban delegation visits Russia after Trump says talks ‘dead’

At Moscow meeting, Russia stresses importance of resumption of US-Taliban talks and group says eager to renew dialogue.

Quote of the week.

Almost 3,000 people lost their lives during the attacks on September 11, 2001 in United States and 18 years later, people still pause to remember that day.

Here are some 9/11 quotes (words).

Today, our nation saw evil – the very worst of human nature – and we responded with the best of America. With the daring of our rescue workers, with the caring for strangers and neighbors who came to give blood and help in any way they could.” Then-President George W. Bush.

“Today the images that people around the world equate with power and democracy are gone but ‘America’ is not an image it is a concept. That concept is only strengthened by our pulling together as a team. If you want to kill us, leave us alone because we will do it by ourselves. If you want to make us stronger, attack and we unite.” –Adam Mayblum, World Trade Center survivor.

“We’re young men; we’re not ready to die.” – Kevin Cosgrove, who was killed when the south tower collapsed