Rwanda draft budget 2019-2020

On Tuesday, Finance minister of Rwanda, Uziel Ndagijimana presented draft budget in parliament. Only 14% will be external funds while 85.8% will be generated from domestic revenues and external debts. The final budget will be presented in June. Read the full article

UK to Hand Over Archive on Genocide to Rwanda

In a conference in London reflecting on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, the British minister for Africa Harriet Baldwin announced that the United Kingdom will handover to Rwanda archives related to the genocide. Read the full article

How Swedish Judge thwarted plot by Rwandan dissidents to subvert justice

Rwandan dissidents submitted to Stockholm court seeking acquittal of Theodore Rukeratabaro by claiming that the witnesses for prosecution provided false testimonies. The court invalidated their claims and upheld life sentence against Rukeratabaro. Read the full article

Kenya leads East Africa with Sh109bn military budget 

Kenya spends more on military than Tanzania and Uganda combined. Its military is the sixth expensive in Africa. South Sudan reduced the budget. Read the full article

Tanzanian media mogul dies at 75

On World Press Freedom Day, Tanzania mourns Reginald Mengi, the owner of IPP Media that owns various newspapers, TVs and radio stations. He died Wednesday night in Dubai. Read the full article

Military spending around the world is booming

“Military spending as a share of global GDP has fallen in recent years, but that offers little reassurance in a world of rising geopolitical tension,” The Economist writes. Asia accounts for almost 30 percent of global military expenditure while Africa’s spending keeps falling. How about the parts of the world? Read the full article

 Sudan army reject civilian majority in ruling council

Sudan’s military had not stepped aside and handed power to civilians within a 15 – day period set by the African Union last month. Sudan’s Transitional Military was given 60 days as a final extension to hand over power to civilians.

Lt Gen Salah Abdelkhalek, a member of the ruling military council, told the BBC that the most they would accept is “an equal split” with civilians. Read the full article

Ebola deaths in Congo could exceed 1,000 on Friday, UN reports

As “Insecurity has become a major impediment to ensuring that health workers can access, engage with and serve the communities in Ebola control,” the WHO expects Ebola deaths to exceed 1,000 this week. Read the full article

The West is fighting a forgotten war against jihadists in Africa

Last year almost 1,000 people, most civilians, were killed in jihadist-related violence in Africa. Read the full article

In the Middle East, a new military crescent is in the making

Military, Dictatorial and Authoritarian regimes are still reigning in the Middle East. Ultimately, they are backed by the West, especially US. Is it the only best alternative to keep stability in the region? Read the full article

Why hasn’t Maduro arrested Guaido yet?

‘At another moment in the life of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, an opposition leader with these characteristics would have been imprisoned, dead, exiled, or who knows where,’ an expert tells Euronews. Read the full article








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