Interview with President Paul Kagame at the European Development Days in Brussels

“People fear fighting between us. I don’t see it coming because I think Uganda understands the cost of it. We don’t want to go down that road because everyone will lose something,” President Kagame speaks of Rwanda-Uganda tensions.

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East African neighbours eye Tshisekedi’s EAC bid with suspicion

Amid Rwanda-Uganda tensions and ongoing violence in Burundi, DRC applied for EAC membership. Will the application be successful? What does it bring on table?

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Africa Cup of Nations needs action on field to provide good news

AFCON 2019 started on Friday. The tournament needs more organized and strengthened base for teams to “provide good news,” argues the Guardain’s Nick Ames. Africans who play abroad may be CAN’s strength, but more talents from Africa need to be found and strengthened.

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EU leaders remain at odds over top posts, call crisis summit.

“I note with satisfaction, amusement and, yes, pleasure that it seems it is not easy to replace me,” Jean-Claude Juncker joked. On Thursday, European Union leaders failed to agree over top positions of different European union institutions.

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European regulations are already pressing Facebook about its cryptocurrency.

This week, Facebook revealed its new project of launching a digital currency, Libra. The trustworthiness level of the new currency is low. Some do not even hesitate to call it a ‘shadow bank.’ Therefore, European officials are calling for a serious scrutiny over the new project.

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Europe must stop this disgrace: Viktor Orbán is dismantling democracy.

Some Europeans affirm that Viktor Orbán’s Hungary is no longer democratic. On the surface, it is a democracy but what lies underneath is total ‘illiberal democracy’. Timothy G. Ash argues that the Hungarian prime minister is dismantling democracy with the help of EU funds.

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North and Latin America

For Trump, ‘Judgement Time Is Coming’ on How to Respond to Iran

After news spread that President Trump had approved strikes on Iran, and then cancelled them, the New York Times analyzes White House policy towards Iran.

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Can Colombia’s President Iván Duque find his feet?

Columbia’s president Iván Duque inherited a country with many problems. “Mr Duque’s main challenge is to develop clear policies of his own. They should start with security. Much of the countryside remains unsafe. Some 135 demobilised guerrillas have been murdered. Community leaders are also being killed. Colombia needs to rethink security policy for a post-FARC era, with greater use of intelligence and civilian co-operation,” writes The Economist.

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Democracy Questioned

“It is often assumed that anyone who suggests that democracy needs to be checked or significantly altered is either elitist, overly cynical and pedantic or an autocracy sympathizer. But that is not necessarily true,” argues Moyosore Orekoya, while suggesting ways to get democracy work.

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As Hong Kong Erupted Over Extradition Bill, City’s Tycoons Waited and Worried

Business titans who have prospered in the global financial center feared the wrath of China. They spoke out only after Beijing wavered. China’s rise has enriched, and intimidated, them.

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Kim Jong Un entertains Xi Jinping at home

“China reminds America that, if it wants to rein in North Korea, it will need Chinese help.”

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African swine fever spreads to South-East Asia

Millions of pigs have been culled in China and Vietnam as UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) urges Asian governments to make African swine fever their priority.

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 Quote of the week.

Paul Kagame on Faustin Twagiramungu and Paul Rusesabagina:

It is like they are looking at Rwanda’s progress, they don’t like Kagame for whatever reason and they can’t stop us making progress, and there is nothing they can do about Kagame.



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