The AfCFTA is laudable, but its imminent benefits are overstated

Archie Matheson analyses AfCFTA’s impact on Africa. “Its impact will likely not be as pronounced as suggested by some of its proponents.”  

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Why Ethiopia’s federal system is deeply flawed

“Ahmed’s government faces a difficult dilemma trying to reconcile the voices in support of the country’s federal arrangement versus those who perceive it as a threat to their group, and the nation.” Read the article  

China is thinking twice about lending to Africa

When Uhuru Kenyatta and his delegation lastly visited China in May, they were not only questioned about their sums, but also about corruption. China has “shifted closer to western lending standards.”

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How Europe hopes to keep trade flowing with Iran

EU countries are working on a system which would let companies to export and import from Iran despite sanctions imposed by USA. This mechanism will help EU companies to do business with Iran without any direct transactions. 

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Donald Trump blasts Europe ahead of G20 summit

The American president Donald Trump complained again that EU treats US unfairly in terms of commerce. He took aim ahead G20 summit in Japan.

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Europe’s hellish heat wave is caused by a high-pressure weather system unlike any ever seen before

Three people died in a severe heat weave this week in France. Mercury is rising up to 40o C in France, Germany, Spain and Czech Republic.

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North and Latin America

Biden Comes Under Attack from all Sides in the Democratic Debate

 The first Democratic debates started this week. The first runner in the Democratic race, former vice president Joe Biden, Thursday faced serious challenges from his rivals who questioned his record. Senators like Kamala Harris urged Biden, 76, to “pass the torch” to a younger generation.

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‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and Wall Street’s Debt to Slavery

In a careful, detailed review, Sarah Churchwell, provides insights into the roots of American capitalism and sheds light on rarely touched topics of Wall Street. The real source of Lehman Brothers’ wealth, Professor Churchwell concludes, is their role in slave trade of the 19th century.

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Are amnesties in Latin America always a bad idea?

“Political debate in Latin America is too often focused on the past. A region that has fallen behind the rest of the world economically and technologically can ill afford that luxury. None of this is an argument against applying justice where possible. It is to recognize that it carries risks.”

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What Do the Taliban Want in Afghanistan? A Lost Constitution Offers Clues.

“Deep resistance to democracy and protections for minorities within the Taliban code will emerge as huge hurdles if the insurgents seek agreement with the Afghan government.”

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G20 Osaka summit 2019

Aljazeera covered all you need to know about the annual summit of the Group of 20 nations.

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Stealing clouds

Reuters shows how Chinese hackers invaded myriad global companies, exposing entrenched weaknesses in western cyber defenses.

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