Transform Africa Summit in Kigali

On Tuesday 14th May, Rwanda hosted the 5th Transform Africa summit under the theme “Boosting Africa’s Digital Economy.” The summit attracted over 4,000 participants including Sophia, a humanoid robot known for her artificial intelligence.  Read the full article

Museveni speaks out on Rwanda border closure

Addressing 17 high-ranking military officials from 11 countries, President Museveni said that Gatuna border closure will only boost smuggling. The officials had been in Uganda for a one-week studying ‘Uganda’s Geopolitics and Economic Development’.  Read the full article

Violence flared in Sudan

After military rulers suspend talks with protesters for 72 hours, protest leaders pledge to keep demonstrating. Read the full article

Liberia opposition vow to go ahead with June protest

Opponents of Liberian President George Weah, on Tuesday maintained their stands to demonstrate on June 7 despite a call for dialogue by the head of state. The call is to demand that President Weah “resign or find a solution to the appalling economic situation of the country, affecting most of the populace. Read the full article

Cameroon crisis “more alarming than ever”

“The United Nations must act to prevent further devastation from the escalating crisis in Cameroon, human rights groups said.” Read the full article

Zimbabwe pays $64m to white farmers who lost land under Mugabe

Thousands of white farmers were forced from their farms, between 2000 and 2001 under a government program of land reform. A new plan to compensate the farmers could restore donor confidence. Read the full article

South Africa’s election results reflect wide spread disillusion

The election outcome underscored the growing disillusionment with South Africa’s political system and its democracy. Read the full article

Microsoft to spend $100 million on Kenya, Nigeria tech development hub

“Microsoft to hire more than 100 engineers from Kenya and Nigeria to customize its applications for the African market and to develop new ones for the continent and beyond.” Read the full article

Facebook Busts Israeli Campaign to Disrupt Elections in African, Asian and Latin American Nations

The activity appeared focused on Sub-Saharan African countries but was also scattered in parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America. Read the full article

Europe’s Far-right divided over Russia as Salvini stages pre-election rally in Milan

Europe’s far-right politicians have many things in common, especially when it comes to immigration and sovereignty. But there is one problem that splits them, Russia. Read the full article

How Brexit killed the concept of an EU exit

“Initially, it seemed like Brexit was the loose thread that could unravel Europe, but two years on, rather than encouraging other countries to seek to leave, Brexit is having the opposite effect,” The Telegraph’s Polly Bindman and Peter Foster examine the impact of Brexit on European Union. Read the full article


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