Foreign military bases seen as threat to East Africa

As military bases increase in East Africa, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute warns they could pose a threat to security. Read the article

Why Sudan needs a slow transition

Throughout history, Sudan’s revolutionary movements have not contributed much to democratic transitions. Although the current revolution might seem different, Al Jazeera’s Kholood Khair argues that rushing into elections would be a mistake.  Read the article

In the course of Malawi’s elections

Why are Malawi elections seen as “high-stake”? Here are the details, updates and insights on the elections. Read the article


Theresa May announced her resignation in an emotional speech

After failing to deliver Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation due on June 7.  Read the article

France threatens journalists with jail time for exposing government lies about Yemen

“France has threatened three French journalists with potential jail time for using secret documents to reveal the country’s involvement in the Yemen civil war.” Read the article

European Elections 2019

Elections are under way across 28 European Union states.

“Europe’s right-wing nationalists have rarely succeeded in finding common ground – but this time they have tried very hard to do so.” A lot is expected to happen. Read the article

North and Latin America

Julian Assange indictment under Espionage Act raises concerns about press freedom

The US Justice Department has charged Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, with 17 counts under the Espionage Act. The case has raised concerns about press freedom. Read the article

In Brazil, how to recognize slavery is ‘a political decision’

Nearly 5 million out of 12.5 million African slaves shipped to the Americas between 1500s and 1800s, landed in Brazil. But there is fear that the history of slavery is ignored. Read the article

Venezuela crisis: How could it be solved?

The political battle between President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó continues without solution. The Washington Post explains four ways in which the crisis could end. Read the article.


Hobbling Huawei: Inside the U.S. war on China’s tech giant

“For months, Australia warned the United States about the destructive capacity of 5G technology. Now, America is aggressively campaigning against Chinese telecom champion Huawei, fearful Beijing’s domination of 5G could be used for espionage and sabotage.” Read the article

China will increase support, subsidies for tech firm

“The US has taken a series of measures to crack down on Chinese companies.” A fact that made the Chinese government find some breakthroughs in ‘play a greater role in formulating strategy, increase research and development subsidies for technology companies, and offer those firms better for their intellectual property.’ Read the article

Modi and BJP Make History in India. Gandhi Concedes.

Narenda Modi and his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have swept back to power. while Rahul Gandhi, leader of the Congress Party, has conceded after second straight election defeat. Read the article


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