President Paul Kagame Visits Northern and Western Provinces 

During the citizen outreach tour in districts of Burera, Musanze and Rubavu this week, President Kagame stressed the need for accountability and national security. Read the full article

Namibian tribes to appeal U.S. ruling on German colonial horrors

Namibian Herero and Nama tribes seek compensation over genocide and property seizures by Germany more than a century ago. On May 9, they appealed a U.S. court’s dismissal of their suit. Read the full article

Robert Mugabe’s assets under auction 

Some of the assets belonging to Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe, were auctioned on Saturday to pay debts. Read the full article

The brewing conflict between America and Iran

After withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the US threatens Iran with more sanctions. Where does the belligerent road end? The Economist provides insights into the issue. Read the full article

How Authoritarians Manipulate Elections

“Granted, autocratic regimes from the German ‘Democratic’ Republic to the ‘Democratic’ Republic of Congo also tried to create some illusion of public legitimacy through ‘elections.’ But whatever propagandistic purpose their ballot dramas may have served, they were far too ham-fisted to fool a domestic audience,” Yascha Mounk writes in The AtlanticRead the full article

Why we must not let Europe break apart

“The European project is in big trouble – but it’s worth defending.” Read the full article

France’s Macron says Europe must renew itself or fall

On May 23, Europeans will head to the polls for European Parliament elections. President Macron says the vote will be a choice between “a project… to build Europe further or a project to destroy, deconstruct Europe and return to nationalism.” Read the full article 

Over 41 million people displaced globally due to violence

According to the Global Report on Internal Displacement, 41.3 million people are living in internal displacement due to conflict and violence. Read the full article

Man City and Liverpool by the numbers: how they took over the Premier League

“These two sides have more or less been playing a different sport than the rest of the division this season and will finish at least 20 points ahead of their nearest challengers.” ESPN examines the campaigns of both Manchester City and Liverpool. Read the full article


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